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About My Work

About Me

My work is concerned with the interrogation of architectural form, mass and void.

I am interested in the dynamic of space as form and shape meet, questioning materiality, physicality and conventionality. This visual  dialogue is played out in my work as an exploration of formal composition and depth within the pictorial plane, leading to the abstraction of familiar or less familiar architectural imagery with an intense interaction of colour. Within the work there exists an essential dialogue between positive and negative space and an exploration of tonality as an expression of light but ultimately the description of architectural form is replaced by the painted mark which assumes its own formal quality and status. Sometimes certain imagery is suggested or placed with irreverence alluding to the figurative roots of the work.

Before studying 'Drawing and Painting' at Glasgow School of Art from 1997 until 2001 I graduated from Napier University, Edinburgh in 1989 with a Diploma in Interior Design and then from the Royal College of Art, London in 1992 with an MA from the school of Architecture and Interior Design. I have worked as an Interior, 3D and Exhibition Designer with several leading architectural and design studios in Glasgow and Edinburgh and still support a number of consultancies as a freelance designer, visualiser and architectural illustrator. This continued professional practise in the design and architectural sectors influences and informs the direction of my work considerably  but undoubtedly my main concern is the pursuit of painting.

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